Raw Tiger Eye Healing Stone Gift Box

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Set in beautiful gift box. \n \nTiger Eye is a variety of Quartz and a pseudomorph (meaning false form) replacement of Crocidolite. It forms when Crocidolite has its chemical fibers replaced by silica. Its colors are generally a combination of golden browns, yellow, beige or tan. This mineral was first reported in 1892 by J.D. Dana and was clearly named after its similarities to a real tiger’s eye. The most abundant source of Tiger Eye is located beneath South Africa where most of the material on the market is sourced from. However, there are secondary deposits coming from India, Burma, Australia, China, and Brazil. \n
\nBalance \nCreativity \nIntuition \nProtection \nProsperity \nBalancing Polarities \nLongevity \nCreating Your Own Reality \nLuck and Good Fortune