Black Agate Gold Plated Gem Heart Necklace & Earring Luxury Gift box Set 16"(variants yellow agate, rose quartz)

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Black Agate provides protection and brings emotions into equilibrium. It harmonises positive and negative forces, alleviate bad dreams and can give energy and dispel fears, all of which increase self-confidence

✤ Widely used for it's therapeutic properties, the deep rich colour is said to promote inner strength and courage, while its smooth, polished surface is said to soothe and calm the mind.

It relieves aches and pains in the body, helps to regulate digestion and improve overall metabolic function. It strengthens the immune systema and promotes overall  health and well-being

✤ The Black Agate stabilises and cleanses the root chakra for a feeling of safety and security.

✤ The Black Agate supports numerous zodiac signs, with those born under Gemini, Cancer and Aquarius may gain the most.

✤ This set of agate earrings and pendant comes delicately placed in a luxury box.

    !!  The length of the chain is 16 inch or 42 cm