- Therapy Rooms -

Downstairs in Zen by the Sea are the therapy rooms, with a variety of therapeutic massage and reflexology treatments available by the experienced and talented Sophie, including deep tissue massage. Always aware that she had a natural gift for healing, Sophie, a trained massage therapist, has over ten years of experience in her field. After considerable research and practical work with hot stone massage treatments, and after carrying out her own research, Sophie has chosen Jade stones to use in her treatments.

- Shop -

If you are looking for fair trade, well-being products and gifts for yourself or others, we have a range of goods from ethical sources. Stones and crystals shimmer in the window gathering energy from the sun, necklaces, herbal teas and quality organic incense are available, and a range of oils, organic hand-made soap and luxury beauty goods are also on sale, each item carefully sourced and curated.

- Music -

We know music heals the soul. We have an original Crosley record player and hundreds of LPs from a private collection spanning over 50 years to choose from. Customers are welcome to browse and play the records of their choice. Music sounds better on vinyl!

- Cafe -

Our signature dishes, the Zen vegan burger and turmeric and coconut curry, are a hit among our customers thanks to their unique recipes. Indulge in our hemp and spirulina shortbread, an irresistible treat that melts in your mouth while providing health benefits with optional CBD. Our café features the warm aroma of Machu Picchu coffee, sourced from the Kent Coffee Company, and its design promotes a harmonious flow of energy, creating a natural space for relaxation, interaction, and communication over delicious food and drinks.