Large Vegan Aquamarine Mermaid Crystal Healing Soap In a Luxury box plus a FREE Bamboo Dish Best Spiritual Gift

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✺ Handmade by the owner of Zen by the Sea Margate, this giftbox contains a natural crystal soap, embellished with a real gemstone aquamarine + natural ingredients + essential oils.

✺ This large luxury aquamarine & lemongrass infused crystal invites you to step into the full mermaid experience. 

✺ Infused with an Aquamarine stone, this hand soap is a lavish way to cleanse your skin.

✺ The Aquamarine crystal found inside, inspires your inner truth and encourages you to let go of things that no longer serve your purpose. It symbolizes the exciting tides of the sea, and the relaxing flow of the waters’ current.

✺ The look and feel of this soap, with it’s healing properties, amazing smell and hidden Aquamarine gemstone are the top of luxury!

Made with vegan ingredients this handmade soap is hypoallergenic and should sooth most skin types.

✺ Encourages happiness in marriages
✺ Talisman of Good Luck
✺ Fearlessness & Protection
✺ Is part of a Mermaids Treasure Trove

Olea Europea fruit oil is high in anti-oxidant, vitamins and fatty acids making it particularly nourishing and moisturising. 

  *  Large Bar Soap 150g


Buy for your nearest and dearest as a special gift or surprise or treat yourself to this wonderful gift.