Raw Agate Purple Slice Pendant - Gold Plated Necklace I Grounding & Protection (Variant pink and white))

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This Raw Sliced Agate Necklace comes in 4 colors (pink, blue, purple, white) and is beautiful for any occasion.

Agate is a healing gemstone that establishes an emotional connection with its bearer. This crystal releases an immense amount of positive energy that transmits calmness and the presence of mind to its holder.

At the same time, Agate is a perfect stone if you want to stay realistic. The majority of people often tend to go beyond reality. Hence, they lose a sense of genuineness in everything. Agate, on the other hand, helps its bearer to stay as authentic as possible. It also improves humility and grounding.

Wearing Agate is believed to harness many benefits, most especially healing. During the early times, wearing an Agate necklace can relinquish nightmares and induce sweet dreams in the process. It is also believed to cure insomnia. Also, the ancient people thought that if they wore the stone, they would become wealthier.

Presently, experts say that Agate is one of the many stones of protection. Its bearer is covered with a powerful and brilliant aura that has the stone's color. It is believed that wearing an Agate amulet promotes integrity and bravery, two attributes that are always perfect together.