Red Agate Crystal Pendant + Silver Necklace 925(variant green aventurine)- Strength & Harmony + Free luxury box

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✧ Red Jasper brings balance to emotional and physical well-being while protecting against negative energies, aiding mental healing by clearing and balancing the mind for clarity and focus, stimulating creativity, passion, and grounding in turbulent times, and restoring emotional balance to ward off fear and insecurity.

Red Jasper fosters emotional balance and stability, acting as a powerful emotional healer by releasing negative energies and promoting feelings of joy, trust, and optimism, connected to self-acceptance and self-love, facilitating emotional healing and stability in meditation, clearing the mind of fear and worry, alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression, ultimately enhancing emotional equilibrium and confidence.

✧ Good for Leos, Virgos and Scorpios

✧ The birthstone for Aries

✧ This silver 925 red jasper pendant comes with a box.