Elegant Malachite Necklace & Large Bracelet Set - Stone of Transformation - Manifesting + Free green luxurious box ( men&women)

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✹ Malachite is a stone for transformation. It brings healing to any part of your life that needs it – most notably your relationships. The mirror-like quality of the stone reflects back whatever is shown to it. Be it love or hate, happiness or anger.

✹ This also means that everything you need to know about yourself can be found within Malachite. It holds the energy of the stars and has a unique ability to connect us with our other selves. The ones we may have been in past lives.

✹ Crystalline aggregates, druses, botryoidal structures and clusters of radiating fibrous crystal. 

    Reiki symbol: Sei He Ki

    Chakra: heart

    Excellent for emotional healing - it is like taking a sledgehammer to the walls we build.

    Physical: a good all-round healer; helps with asthma, arthritis, broken bones, epilepsy, eyesight, endurance, inflammation, rheumatism, swelling, tissue regeneration, tumors, torn muscles, immune system, and detox, plus health of blood, heart, pancreas, pituitary gland, spleen, teeth. Eases birth and has antiseptic properties.

    Emotional/spiritual: quick, strong and bold emotional clearing. Calming and brings emotional balance and restful sleep. Helps with insomnia, dream interpretation, depression, bipolar disorder and meditation.

    Placement: Place on or touching the heart chakra, wear in jewelry (bracelets and necklace, rings), hold in either hand, carry in a pochet or place in a carry-on luggage when flying. Good protection for airline workers.

This set includes a large malachite pendant  30 mm necklace and beaded bracelet 12mm.

Coming with Free green luxurious box.